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Murano glass chandelier. Read the description underneath to have more details.

Iside-Opalino-3 Luci
Sku:MU009_3OP - H:60 - D:65
Iside-Cristallo Oro-3 Luci
Sku:MU009_3CROR - H:60 - D:65

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Refined chandelier forged by the inspiration of Murano’s master craftsman. What makes this chandelier unic is the manufacturing of its harmonious and well-proprtionated curls. It is composed of arms and cups decorated using the ruled technique. This product is a unic handicraft peace, it is not replicable.

The authenticity of a unic product is guaranteed as a result of the thousand-years-old artistic tradition, born and developed in the Murano Island.

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Ulteriori informazioni

SKU MU009_
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